The Centre for Fetal and

JUHAMED s.r.o. is the leading center in the field of ultrasound prenatal, gynecological, pediatric gynecological and breast diagnostics in Slovakia. For more than 8 years we have been providing top diagnostics to our clients in the field of pregnancy, sterility and gynecological cancer using high-end ultrasound equipment.


mgr Pavol Juhás

Mgr. Pavol Juhás

Director of CFGD

The Center of Fetal and Gynecological Diagnostics (CFGD) was established in 2011 by transformation from a common gynecological clinic based on Hlavná 70 in Košice. CFGD started to provide comprehensive care in the field of fetal medicine, oncogynecological diagnostics and primary gynecological care at the new address Myslavská 644/190/A in Košice. By expanding the medical team with top experts and advanced high-end instrumentation, we have expanded these services to include mamosonography and invasive sonography. I am very pleased that in 2015, by inviting another expert into our team, we were able to expand our range of services for pediatric gynecology, as quality care in this field is significantly absent across the Slovak Republic. CFGD as a partner workplace of the ÚPMD, Praha – Podolí, ČR and in cooperation with GPK SZU and UNB, Bratislava, SR, provides management of another therapeutic-operative solution of fetal diseases.

In short about The Centre for Foetal and Gynecological Diagnostics

MUDR. Martin Juhás