Gynecology ambulatory office

Preventive gynecological examination

Routine oncogynecological screening


A preventive gynecological check-up is the screening for female cancers of the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and breasts. Screening means using diagnostic tests to look for risks or ill women within a population of seemingly healthy women without disease symptoms. For achieving the best screening results when determining a particular disease, it is necessary to strictly use the most modern diagnostic procedures listed in the Cochrane Database when determining a certain disease, and these must outweigh other procedures in quality and number of uses.

The gynecological clinic at CFGD perform the most modern screening examinations in the scope of preventive check-ups in various phases of a woman’s life, e.g.:

  • Post-adolescent young women with menstruation problems
  • Women who are trying to get pregnant
  • Pregnant women
  • Women of all age categories with gynecological diseases
  • Women suffering symptoms of menopause
  • Women who are at risk of cancer of the ovaries, uterus and cervix
  • Women with a fertility disorder and repeated miscarriages
  • Women using hormonal, implantation or intrauterine birth control
  • Women with urogynecological problems and after gynecological surgeries

We offer expert ultrasound diagnostic services, with a higher quality of health care and the professionality of a sensitive approach. Our doctors are long-term specialists in gynecological and obstetrics, in pediatric gynecology, in mammosonography and in expert ultrasound diagnostics.

What are they for?

The CFGD gynecology clinic ensures several below-mentioned categories of care of women’s health.

Oncogynecological advisory services provide:

  • vaccination against HR-HPV infection of the cervix
  • monitoring of cervical dysplasia
  • histological screening of the cervix and uterine mucosa with examination of oncomarkers upon a positive ultrasound finding
  • complete clinical pre-operation determining of the range (staging) of cancer
  • post-treatment onco management with intensive, standard and minimal follow-up diagnostics of early recurrence of cancer
  • pre-treatment management of preserving fertility in a patient with reproductive plans, using classic and modern methods

Advisory services for sterility and infertility provides:

  • complete care of couples with fertility disorders and repeated miscarriages
  • examination upon suspected tubal and endometrial sterility (HSN, HyCoSy, virtual 3D/4D ultrasonography of the pelvis minor)
  • examination of thrombophilic mutations in patients using hormonal therapy
  • differential diagnostic of endocrinological disorders in gynecology
  • examination of expanded hormonal profiles, managing and consulting with interdisciplinary endocrinopathies
  • monitoring of follicle genesis and management of patients with PCOS
  • stimulation and induction of ovulation in menstrual cycles

Advisory services for endometriosis provides:

  • complete care with determination of a correct diagnosis of endometriosis
  • diagnostic of extrauterine lesions of endometriosis expert 2D/3D/4D ultrasound examination by so-called “virtual endoscopy”
  • ultrasound diagnostics of LUF syndrome
  • monitoring and prescription of effective hormonal therapy
  • preoperative preparation with a detailed ultrasound description of individual endometriosis lesions (ENZIAN and revised AFS classification) for planning of the range and type of surgical procedure
  • consultation with clients in the form of a “second opinion” of endometriosis therapy
  • close cooperation with domestic and foreign centres for assisted reproduction in the case of sterility and ordination of aGnRH therapies

Urogynecological advisory services provides:

  • ultrasound diagnostic of status and position of ureterovesical junction with urinal incontinence
  • ultrasound diagnostic of disorders of the pelvic bottom
  • conservative therapy for incontinence
  • planning of possibilities of surgical therapy

Preventive check-up and diagnostic of gynecological acute occurrence:

  • carrying out of regular check-ups at set intervals
  • diagnosis and management of gynecological acute events, such as extrauterine - ectopic pregnancy, adnexal torsion (rotation of the ovary around its own vascular stem), torsion of the pedunculated myoma (rotation of the myoma around its stem), acute rupture of a ovary cyst and diagnosis of causes of acute vaginal bleeding