3D/4D ultrasound



The aim is to confirm the presence of an embryo in the uterus and to exclude the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy in the 6th week of pregnancy. The examination also determines the number of embryos, the vitality, the exact length of the current pregnancy and evaluates anomalies of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and possible risk symptoms of miscarriage.


We perform a viability scan at the start of the 1st trimester of pregnancy (between the 6th and 11th week). Ultrasound visualization and the beginning of an intrauterine pregnancy is possible as early as in the 5th week, i.e. on about the 26th to 31st day from the first day of the last menstruation or according to the hCG blood values.

Phases of the 1st trimester Week of gestation
Pre-embryonal 3
Embryonal 4 – 10
Foetal 11+


We perform the examination intravaginally using an ultrasound probe, for a much more precise visualization and description of the beginning pregnancy.

What is it for?

Determining the vitality of an ectopic pregnancy with due date for birth:

  • we realistically determine the viability of the pregnancy and its localization
  • the activity of the primitive heart can be depicted by the end of the 6th week with an embryo length of about 3-4 mm and can be demonstrable at the latest by the end of the 7th week of pregnancy
  • in the course of the 9th week of pregnancy a second sign of vitality of the embryo is found, and this is its movements
  • from the 9-11th week of pregnancy we determine the so-called CRL (crown-rump length) of the embryo. This is the period most optimal for measuring the CRL and in this way estimating as exactly as possible the due date of birth (deviation +/-4.7 days)

action of the foetal heart
action of the foetal heart
CRL parameters for determining gestational age and date of delivery
CRL parameter pre stanovenie datácie gravidity

Prediction of potential miscarriage

On the basis of certain values of heart of frequency before the 8th week of pregnancy, early visualization of the amniotic sac still before the 7mm size of the embryo and non-correlation diameter of the size of the vitelline sac we can determine a certain percentage prediction of possible early loss of pregnancy - miscarriage. To counter the so-called prediction of possible miscarriage we also add an evaluation of the origin of a peri ovular event, a retrochorial haematoma.

abnormally enlarged amniotic cavity
abnormally enlarged amniotic cavity
absence of foetal heart activity
absence of foetal heart activity
abnormally enlarged vitelline sac
abnormally enlarged vitelline sac
sub chorial haematoma
sub chorial haematoma

Diagnosis of a multiple pregnancy:

Jedna zo základných odpovedí, ktoré by mali byť zodpovedané do konca 7 týždňa gravidity je chorionicita v prípade viacplodovej gravidity (dvojčatá, trojčatá…), tzn. vyjadrenia sa k budúcemu vytvoreniu jednej spoločnej, alebo viacerých samostatných placent.